Dianne Primavera - Colorado State Representative - HD33


I'm running for State Representative because I want to help expand opportunity for families, create jobs end ensure that Colorado has a world-class education system that prepares our kids to compete in the global economy. Too often, people feel like their elected officials ignore them, and that's just not right. I will always be available for questions, or to meet with you personally about the issues that are important to you. You can always reach me at dianne@primaveraforcolorado.com. I want to hear from you. Here are just a few of the issues you can count on me to tackle in the legislature:

  • Creating jobs and getting our economy back on the right track – The North Metro area is primed to be a leader in the economic recovery. Governor Hickenlooper has talked about Colorado being the Silicon Valley of the Mountain West, and I think Broomfield, Superior and Erie can lead the way in that effort. We need an innovative, cutting edge education for our kids and state-of-the-art classrooms so our future generations can excel. Offering a world class education will encourage high tech companies to move here, and bring sustainable jobs with them.
  • Making government more efficient, and eliminating wasteful spending – In order to create jobs, we need strong small businesses. People looking to start a small business, or to expand a current one, shouldn't have to fight through a mountain of red tape, if anything, government needs to do more to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our regulatory system needs to be smarter, and we need to listen to business owners about how we can make it easier for them to succeed – while continuing to protect consumers. The legislature needs to look at all areas of government – from the top down – and figure out ways to save the taxpayers money. We need to look at whether or not tax credits are creating jobs, and if they're not, then we need to eliminate them and find the most efficient use of every dime of taxpayer money.
  • Listening to all different viewpoints to craft creative solutions and working across the aisle –Having been elected as Chair of the bipartisan Legislative Audit Committee, and having worked with members of both parties to not only create, but more importantly pass legislation, I will have the best interests of everyone in House District 33 at heart. My legislative proposals that I am the most proud of came while talking to people on their doorsteps, and I will continue to use your ideas to solve the problems facing Colorado.
  • Bringing back strong leadership to the State House of Representatives – Our political system has never been more difficult to navigate. With all of the wealthy special interests, hyper-partisanship, and Washington political games being played all across the state, it’s no wonder average citizens are getting lost in the shuffle. That needs to stop. I know how to get things done for the people of this district, and I will fight gridlock and dysfunction every single day as your State Representative.
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